Help & Instructions

Help & Instructions

Step 1 – if you are not an existing member of Pitchero
Either click on the link in the joining email you have received or click ‘Join’ in the top right-hand corner and enter your details as parent/guardian.

Step 1 – if you are an existing member of Pitchero
Log into the website and select Weybridge as your Club. You can then begin entering information for Weybridge CC.

Step 2 – adding your child/children
Once your account is set-up, go into ‘Your account’ and click on ‘Manage Roles’ and then ‘Manage’ next to ‘Parent of’ and then ‘Add child’. A box will then pop-up on the right-hand side, type in your child’s name and click on ‘Click here to add a new member’. You can then enter your child’s details including the relevant age group. Once you click ‘Add child’ within the pop-up box a message will be sent to the relevant age group manager to approve the application.

Step 3 – Buying your membership
Once you have submitted the application for your child/children you can go to the shop and purchase the relevant membership or multiple memberships. At the checkout, select the children that have been registered under your account and then follow the instructions.

You will then be asked to answer various questions in relation to each child and to give consent for various things. You can find further details on the policies in the Information section of the website within the “Safeguarding” folder.

Once you have purchased the memberships you will receive an email to confirm payment.
If the combination that you require is not available (for four or more memberships to purchase) then please contact the Club Manager, Jon Molloy to arrange this (

If for any reason you have financial challenges and you need to agree a payment plan then please contact the Club Manager, Jon Molloy to arrange this (